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Pula Travel Guide: Best Places To See & Things To Do In Pula, Croatia

In this Pula travel guide that encompasses all uncosmetized reasons Pula is a great summer vacation destination worth the trip, travelers preparing to visit Pula can parallely inform themselves about top things to see and do in Pula.
Istria and Pula are essential components of the Croatian tourist offer on the Adriatic Sea coast. Last summer, Croatians finished as a second-placed football nation in Russia at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and just a few months later Croatia (Hrvatska) won the 2018 Tennis Davis Cup. In terms of tourism promotion of this little country with barely 4 million inhabitants, this is comparable only to a double Supernova explosion.
So, let's talk about Pula as a summer holiday destination.
It is often said that the first step to planning a vacation is deciding where to go. Yes and no at the same time. Because in case vacation is intended to be spent inside the tourist resort, then it doesn't make any big difference if one is traveling to Africa or Ibiza. In other words, it is your choice to enjoy the splendor that hides the authentic local atmosphere or jump right into it.

Italian version of this blog article:
"Motivi non cosmetizzati per visitare Pola, destinazione vacanziera sull'Adriatico".
Croatian version of this blog article:
"Neušminkani razlozi zašto je ljetna destinacija Pula vrijedna putovanja".

Pula tourism as a part of the balance of the Universe.

If you're reading this, it means Internet connection that you're currently using somewhere on the other side of the world is in this moment more than enough to get a basic overview of what Pula actually is.
Art has a lot to say, in the name of transparency, about how average people handle the fact that Croatia suffers from the world politics the same way as any other member of the global family. Brilliant Croatian 2018 movie "The Eighth Commissioner" explains it all in the most simple way. This movie that coincides perfectly with the Istrian DNA - belongs to the 'must watch' category:

Since this blog cares a lot about transparency too, we have to admit that Croatia is surely not a Wonderland. But on the other hand, tourism in Istria is a well established tradition that functions quite good and Pula certainly doesn't need to deceive anyone with the flood of misleading advertisements extolling it as a city of milk and honey with streets paved with gold. It is up to you to evaluate to what extent to perceive the aforementioned as a warranty that shit can't happen - generally it can be said, without any exaggeration, that here everbody rigorously respect the branch we're all sitting on.

And now, welcome to Pula, a relatively small town with cca 60.000 inhabitants where at least 50 bands actively plays at every moment.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Where to stay in Pula?

A choice so immense...
Location, accommodation equipment, service quality, maximal fairness and hospitality are the key factors that make the 'Apartment Romina - Pula' an excellent choice for tourists or business clients planning a short stay of one or two nights, or people intending to take a longer relaxing summer vacation on the Adriatic coast in Pula at affordable price.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

'Apartment Romina - Pula' (3 stars, max. 4 persons) is composed of a hallway, one bedroom, kitchen, living room and a bathroom. It's suitable to accommodate up to four guests (double bed + extra large sofa bed), for example four-member families i.e. groups of people, who will find in it, besides fully equiped kitchen, everything else needed for a comfortable everyday life: clothes & shoe wardrobe, iron and ironing board, cooker, cutlery, pots, dishwasher, bathtub & shower, hairdryer, first aid kit, bed linen, towels, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, kitchen paper, coffee, sugar, salt, pepper, dishes detergent and sponges, trash bags...
Included in the price is: air conditioning system, free WiFi Internet, flat smart TV with wireless keyboard, stereo device and one parking place.

In an endeavor to make guests comfortable and happier as much as possible during their well deserved vacation, 'Apartment Romina - Pula' has already started preparing even better vibrations for the next summer holiday season. After structural renovations not long ago, now in January of 2019 all walls are freshly repainted, all doors have a new colour and new handles too, entire accommodation is enriched by new furniture (new double bed + new bad slat + new mattress, new wall hanging elements, new dining table and new chairs, new TV stand and living room set, new wall hanging pictures)... Besides other improvements, novelty is that now there's a washing machine in the bathroom, in the kitchen there's a new bigger fridge, new microwave, new coffe machine, new plates & glasses, and in the bedroom there's a new radio alarm clock and new glass shelves as well.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

That being said, the vacation rental service 'Apartment Romina - Pula' will open the new 2019 summer vacation season by standing on a really stable legs. Through developing optimal balance between pure business professionalism and friendliness in the relationship with it's guests, 'Apartment Romina - Pula' has realized maximal occupancy rate of 100% during the 110 days in the 2018 summer tourist season. Within the 'Airbnb' website, 'Apartment Romina - Pula' is currently a Superhost with 4,8/5 average review score, while within the '' website it's average review score is 9,8/10.

Below are some examples of how people who have chosen this accommodation for their stay in Pula described their experience:

“Probably the best experience I had on Airbnb.”

“Would definitely recommend for people looking for more than just a house!”

“Romina's apartment has been one if not the best experience we had with Airbnb.”

“Our stay was more than any expectations!”

“My only regret was that we couldn’t stay for longer.”

“Everything perfect!”

“Our stay could not be better!”

'Apartment Romina - Pula' is located in quiet and peaceful area, just a few hundred meters from the city center and old town, i.e., only few minutes walking distance from all major events and historic-cultural monuments. Banks, green market and fish market are 450 metres from the apartment, while the Arch of the Sergii and McDonald's restaurant are 5-6 minutes away. Famous Roman amphitheater Arena is also quite near. Apartment is distanced just 3-4 minutes drive (circa 15-20 minutes walking) from the sea and Pula beaches, with which it is well connected by public transportation too. Moreover, the new Pula public swimming pool is just ten minutes walking distance from the apartment. Within 100 metres there is a bus station, grocery store for daily needs and a few other shops, restaurant and coffe bar. The nearest airport is international Pula Airport, 7 km away from the property.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

How to make 'Apartment Romina - Pula' reservation:

'Apartment Romina - Pula' can be booked online directly via the link "Airbnb Apartment Romina - Pula", or by using the link " Apartment Romina - Pula".
More information about this apartment can be obtained via email rominamandicrnac[at]

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Uncosmetized reasons to travel to Pula, Croatia:

It is probably something in DNA that makes us people love traveling. Unlike in the past when our nomadic ancestors faced many difficulties, it is so easy to move across the world in these modern times. Travel can provide great satisfaction and fulfillment, but on the other hand it can waste your time and money too. When it comes to traveling, everyone is, of course, free to prefer between quantity and quality. It truly doesn't matter if you're coming to Pula upon a desire to recharge your batteries by experiencing nature beauties, searching for adventure, taking a break from politics and media's propaganda, finding pleasure and entertainment or enjoying being alone. Meeting diversities and new people from all over the world in Pula can facilely become an unexpected opportunity and open more doors - after all, isn't learning & growing one of the core life values? Pula will fit in fine with whether your travel destination decision is based on geographic, location or people.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Life expectancy, financial wealth, social equality and education are, according to global authorities, most important aspects that determines on what level is some country a good place to live in. It's evidently not a secret what countries have consistently been ranked throughout the last decade as the world’s best countries to live in, and what countries are ranked by those same global authorities as the countries with greatest number of psychiatrists per inhabitant. Apart from its beautiful natural location that is the most of the most commonly used descriptions of this town, the 2Cellos Stjepan Hauser comment “I don't need drugs because I'm naturally crazy” plausibly best expresses how has Pula, at one wonderful level, cultivated its own version of harmony between the prescribed State rules and correct answer to the "philosophical" question “why are we here and what is our purpose in life.”

Pula tourism as a part of the balance of the Universe.

Peace and hospitality are the treasures of this town and the peculiarity of this shininess was perpetuated by Mate Parlov when, questioned about his nationality in relation to the 1990s war in the former Yugoslavia and some of its accompanying side effects, he made crystal clear to everyone that he is not a nationalist but a world champion.

Moreover, tremendously popular and top of the top alternative music band in entire former Yugoslavia, Pula's KUD Idijoti said it all plane and simple with their song "Mir, No Alternative (Peace, No Alternative)."

Google can provide you with many other, lesser known but interesting things associated with Pula: Woodstock 1994 has missed then already preannounced Pula's rockers "Atomsko Sklonište (Atomic Shelter)" - on that occasion the only band with anti-war orientation in its lyrics that directly promotes peace. They are the same band whose 1981 concert in front of more than 60.000 music fans was supported by Iron Maiden, instead of reverse that miserably failed after the general ticket boycott. Yes, that same Atomsko Sklonište whose member Dragan Gužvan was ranked by sound expert John Etchells among five best guitarists in the world.

1856 Austrian Empress Sisi has opened in Pula, under the name "Imperial and Royal Naval Arsenal", that what we now call the shipyard Uljanik - the same year Karl Marx became interested in it; he dedicated quite a lot of space to Uljanik within his writings. Dante Alighieri wrote in his masterpiece "Divina Commedia" about Pula where he once lived, and during his life in Pula James Joyce worked on his novels "Stephen hero" and "A portrait of the artist as a young man". From a historical perspective, Pula was once a part of the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Venetian Republic, Habsburg Monarchy, Napoleon's Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Mussolini's Empire, Hitler's Empire, SFR Yugoslavia, and ultimately from 1991 - Pula is a part of the Republic of Croatia.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Today, touristically oriented Pula offers to its visitors a wide spectrum of ambients appropriate to suit all tastes - ranging from sport activities and excursions over relaxation and entertainment to enogastronomy and shopping. Pula is easily reachable by road, plane, train or sea. As a 3000 year old coastal town and the largest one of the Istrian peninsula, Pula will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor - regardless of which way one want to enjoy his holidays. Numerous happenings and diverse types of events are organized at various locations during the summer period: Rock Camp Pula, Dimensions music festival, Croatia Bike Week, gastronomical manifestation Istrafešt, Pula Superiorum, Monteparadiso music festival, Istrian Hand Made, Outlook music festival, PUF international theatre festival, Istra gourmet, Seasplash music festival, Media Mediterranea - just to name a few - are intended to provide fun to people of all ages.


Although it is popularly known as "Pula Rock City", Pula doesn't lack reggae melodies, blues, soul, disco, techno, punk, pop, heavy metal, classical music and even operas and ballets. The amphitheater Arena is open for sightseeing during the day, while in the nighttime it often hosts concerts (for example top stars such as Manu Chao, Tom Jones, Foo Fighters, Sting, José Carreras, Grace Jones, Robert Plant, Joe Cocker, Status Quo, Zucchero, David Gilmour...) and other various programs such as gladiator fights with real weapons, as well as the film festival with a 50-year tradition.

Roman Forum with its Augustus temple is the city's main square, where quite often you can bump into all sorts of cultural and entertainment events.
Lungomare beach is really something special that should not be missed in Pula. Not only because the night is made for love and belongs to lovers, Lungomare is an excellent choice also if you like night swimming, fishing, talk to the sea, make new acquaintances and friendships...

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Set in a former military base, community center Rojc is a main gathering place within cultural dimension of the town where conventional & alternative art embraces creativity and staging live shows are held. Near the former very popular discotheque Pyramide at the Golden rocks beach, there's Fort Bourguignon - an integral part of Pula fortress system built during the Austro-Hungarian occupation that today sometimes hosts concerts and crazy partyes.

At the Verudela beach you can spend some nice time by visiting the Aquarium - nested in another Austro-Hungarian fortress, or by taking your kids to the aquagan.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

It is worth mention that in additon to the Canyon, Holly Rock, skydiving center, adventure park, diving center and gokart center, tourists will discover that Pula has recently become richer for a new indoor public swimming pool. In Pula you will find excellent extra virgin olive oil, good wine (mens sana in malvasia istriana) and Mediterranean food with plenty of choice for fish lovers. Pula - paradise for boaters - is a quite popular summer destination also thanks to the immediate proximity of the Brijuni National Park with its fourteen small islands of rare beauty. Needless to say, Kamenjak National Park near Pula is, without any doubt, a place where people who want to connect on a deeper level with Mother Nature can surely get a huge inspiration :)

City Guidebook - Pula Tourism
Useful information & ideas to enrich your holidays in Pula

International phone prefix for Croatia is +385, while regional area code for Pula is (0)52. Important telephone numbers in Croatia: European emergency number 112, Police 192, Firefighters 193, Ambulance 194, Maritime search and rescue centre 195, Road assistance 1987, Croatian automobile club 01/6611-999, General information 18981, Tourist information 062/999-999.

Although Pula is all about the seawater, it is also good to know something about the potable water. It is perfectly safe to drink from all pipes that transport potable (public) water.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Link: Pula - local bus lines and timetable.

Some well-intentioned suggestions:
At the beach don't sit on other people head, leave them at least 1 meter of space to enjoy what they had been waiting an entire year.
Even if you're using the strongest protection against the sunburns, bear in mind that during the first few days shade is your best friend.
Free your babies from nappies and let them breathe.
Do your body and brain a favour, free yourself from water shoes.
Those little black things in the water are sea urchins - avoid them. Do yourself a favor and throw a glance 10 meters left and right before you enter the water in the wrong place. It is very easy to remove sea urchin spines with the  simple needle - you don't need a doctor.
Combination of sun and salt seawater is an excellent medicine for cuts and scabs.
Before you jump from the rocks, first enter the water slowly like a retiree and check how deep it is.
Since every beachrock is a much harder than your head, don't ignore common sense even when the waves are small. Although the truth is that waves are always coming in the certain rythm and there's a short pause every few minutes - in case of medium and especially big waves, do not imitate inexperienced Tarzans or local individuals who know exactly what they're doing in the rough sea. In emergency cases, remember that swimming (distanced at least 10-15 meters from the coast) a few minutes to the nearest bay/cove is the best way to survive, for both you and your eventual savior(s). Gortan's bay (Lungomare), Hawaiian cove beach (Verudela) and Ambrela beach (Verudela) are some great places where to go during the waves. Rather than scare them, learn your children to respect the sea.
Please pick up your trash before leaving the beach.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Portarata is a square in the center of Pula where Arch of the Sergii is situated. Portarata square often host various events, spectacles and live music. With it's three thousand year old history, Pula has a great number of very well preserved historical monuments: Archaeological Museum of Istria, Kaštel, Gate of Hercules, Naval cemetery, Cathedral of Pula, Church of our Lady of the Sea - to name a few. Near the pizzeria Barkun (Veruda), a meadow across the old shed - where the band practised almost every day for a long time - bear the name of Sergio Blažić Đoser (frontman of the legendary rock group from Pula "Atomsko Sklonište" who died of cancer at age 37, in 1987). Just a few meters from the main entrance of the Rock club Uljanik, the stairs that leads to the Monte Zaro park bear the name of Branko Črnac Tusta (frontman of the legendary punk rock band from Pula "Kud Idijoti" who died of cancer at age 57, in 2012). Opened in 2018, Memo is an interactive museum that describes in a very realistic way what was everyday life like in Pula - within Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, from the 1950's till the end of the 1980's. "Memo - Museum of good memories, Pula" is located 100 meters from the Arena amphitheatre, and it is definitely worthwhile visiting.

The one thing you need to know is that geographic coordinates latitude 44.8683300° and longitude 13.8480600° in fact represents not one but two cities: Pula above ground surface and Pula below ground surface. Namely, Pula and its surroundings are a very large network of underground tunnels built before and during the First World War. This underground tunnel system has numerous entrances and exits, communication passages, galleries, storages - it is calculated that it could provide a shelter to 50.000 people. Today, a certain part of it, named Zerostrasse, hosts various social and cultural events.
Just ask Google: 'Zerostrasse Pula'.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Pula Observatory is the oldest astronomic observatory in Croatia, with which 28 new planetoids were discovered. 1853 Pula became Austria's main war harbor, major shipbuilding centre and a resort where the Royal family spend their summertime. Shortly after that, Pula Observatory was established in 1869 as a part of the Hydrographic Institute of Imperial and Royal Navy. Today, Pula Observatory is completely renovated; it is situated in Monte Zaro park and you can arrange a visit via e-mail or by calling +385 (0)91/214-1966. 1-hour visit costs 10HRK per person.
Just ask Google: 'Pulska zvjezdarnica' (Pula Observatory).

"Tržnica Veruda" is a green market relatively near the Lungomare, equally good as the main one in the center of the town. Tržnica Veruda: free parking, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, milk, bread, cafés, fast food, self-service laundry, stationery store, daily necessities, newspapers, cigarettes, bank, ambulance, dentist, pharmacy, key maker...
Max City is the biggest shopping mall in Pula (located at Stoja near the beach Lungomare). Other large shopping centers in the city are Pula City Mall, K Centar Šijana, Lidl, Kaufland, Plodine, Bauhaus, Pevec...
Just ask Google: 'Pula shopping centers'.

Self-service laundry in Pula: Speed Queen (Šijana - Jurja Žakna 4b), Speed Queen Pula (Veruda - Tomassinijeva 23), Lancun (Starih statuta 4), Aqua (Štinjan - Šurida 34), Perfect Wash (Stoja - Ljudevita Posavskog 2a), Girbao (Šijana - Zlatićev trg 8), Plitvice (Flavijevska 20), Sanja (Koparska 38).

Generally speaking, there is no free parking in Pula wider center. Everywhere along the sea coast parking is free, including Lungomare, Verudela and Stoja.

There are numerous taxi companies in Pula and they are quite easy to find. For example Taxi Cammeo Pula +385 (0)52/313313, Taxi Edy Pula +385 (0)98/440844, Uber...
Mathematics says that the price for transportation of 4 persons - throughout the city - with the public bus is 44HRK, while "Taxi Cammeo Pula" costs approximately 40HRK (circa €5).
Just ask Google: 'Taxi Pula'.

"Hop on hop off bus" is an open-top bus that circles around more or less all the best Pula has to offer - historic sights, cultural and tourist attractions.
Price: adults 100HRK, children 6-15 50HRK, children under 5 free.
Just ask Google: 'Pula city tour'.

Someone wise once said that the life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Don't forget your video camera beacuse that's exactly what you'll get if you decide to take a panoramic flight with small airplane over Pula and its surrounding islands or, why not, the entire western coast of Istria.
"Delić Air Pula" is a recommended option, otherwise just ask Google: 'Panoramic flights Pula'.

What is a better way to get to know Pula than walking? There are many private guided walking tours, and one of them consist of taking the journey down the ages and relieving the 3000 years of history that made Pula what it is today.
Just ask Google: 'Walking tour Pula'.

If you don't like walking, and you prefer rent a car over taxi and public transportation, you have plenty of choices. There's a lot of car rental companies you can find in Pula, from big international names to smaller local agencies.
Just ask Google: 'Rent a car Pula'.

In accordance with the phrase "a healthy spirit in a healthy body", what about some recreation? In case you think bicycling around the city and its beaches would be the best solution for you, here in Pula you can also rent a bicycle. It is worth mentioning that in Pula, at the "Giardini" bus station and near the central marketplace, you can rent an electric bicycle too.
Just ask Google: 'Rent a bike Pula'.

Whether you prefer a road or off-roading, there are several motorcycle & scooter & quad rental services in Pula - I'm not sure if they are giving discounts to "Easy rider" fans :)
Just ask Google: 'Rent a motorcycle Pula', 'Rent a scooter Pula', 'Rent a quad Pula'.

Although Pula is not a Venice, you can take the water taxi here as well.
One of the possible ways you can experience adventure here is certainly to discover what Pula & surroundings by water feels like. So, if you want to combine water and sightseeing, apart from the already mentioned Brijuni and Kamenjak National Parks - Medulin, Premantura, Pomer, Fažana, Levan island and island of Fratarski are some sample itineraries you can choose from (there's a high probability to see dolphins during the trip). You can either hold the rudder in your own hands, or you can leave it to a professional captain. If you want to cruise the coast farther and longer, i.e. enjoy your private excursion, in the same way you can charter the boat both by yourself or hire a skipper.
Just ask Google: 'Water taxi Pula', 'Rent a boat Pula', 'Yacht charter Pula'.

Jet ski is a toy that will leave you with unforgettable memories. You can rent it only for you, or together with your friends - regardless of whether you're intend to explore the crystal blue waters of Pula calm and relaxed or excited by noise and maximum speed.
Just ask Google: 'Rent a jet ski Pula'.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Just a few kilometers from Pula, Pomer - with its water ski lift - is the right place for wakeboard and water ski enthusiasts. Since the construction work have alreday started, it seems that Pula will get its own water ski lift at Valovine beach quite soon.

Here everyone knows the "Sacred rock" (near hotel Park Plaza Arena Pula), and only 15-20 meters away from it there is a real jewel of Pula - that is the unique natural beauty situated at Verudela, popularly called the "Canyon". A wonderful place where ravine meets the sea is at the same time, infact, also a real test of courage whose height varies around 20 meters - depending on the difference between high and low tide water levels.
Whether it's winter, spring or autumn, and regardless if someone is living here or he came here to spend summer holidays with family, friends or as an individual - Pula's Lungomare has its own particular and unique charm over the course of every season. Lungomare with its various types of beach is an excellent choice for children and inexperienced, as well as for experienced swimmers. For the jumpers there is, of course, the famous Tarzan's rock under which the sea is wonderfully colored in the tropical style. Lungomare is a perfect jogging route through the woods + at its very end there's Adventure Park Pula that, among other things, offers plenty of thrilling and fun elements for children and adults.
While Hawaian beach (Verudela) and Golden rocks are also very nice places, Felsen Strand with its caves at Valovine beach (Stoja) is another special beauty to enjoy for those enough brave.

„At the Pula train station, under hot summer sun, I was waiting for a bus and playing guitar, when she set next to me and asked if she bothers...” are the words with which the song "Forgive me, Katrin" of the famous musician Đorđe Balašević starts. During the Yugoslavia, Pula was the city number 1 in the whole country in terms of fun and entertainment. "Hotel Pula" discoteque is certainly the greatest “craziness” that has ever infected this Mediterranean town. Among the other major producers of light and sparks there were also disco Uljanik, disco Piramida, Circolo, disco Marelica, Ferijalni, Palatikum, Tvrđava, disco Tangenta, Disko 33, disco Gregovica, disco Miraž, disco Cult, Rojc, disco Fort Bourguignon, disco Joy, disco Summer, disco Next, disco Hotel Brioni, disco Aquarius, disco Oasis, disco Plompa, disco Stoja, Terasa Verudela, Terasa Zlatne Stijene, Terasa Splendid, Terasa Stoja and similar, plus of course the inevitable Korzo and Lungomare with its countless unplugged parties and first kisses.
"City of Abundance" is a documentary film about Pula that faithfully illustrates subcultural music scene (hard rock boom + punk explosion) and social situation in the city over a period between 1978 and 1991.
Today there are myriad of various clubs, coffe bars and restaurants in Pula where you can dance or drink and eat whatever you want.
Rock club Uljanik is a real legend in this town. Besides a dancing terrace for music of all kinds, for decades it connected together everybody and everthing from the rock & punk & metal dimension. Shortly said, any band that didn't play in Uljanik was irrelevant. Unfortunately, during the last few years Uljanik is not in good shape, but if you're curious to see where it all started... Kotač club has recently been opened as a polyvalent multimedia space for the (alternative) culture production.
My preferred caffe bars are Cabahia, Rock caffe, Mimoza and Cybercafe - they all hosts live concerts.
My preferred beach bars are Pomidor, Zeppelin and E & D.
Ribarska koliba is a fish restaurant, very popular during the Pula's glory days. In pizzeria Barkun you can eat pizza and meal for a good price - they offer home delivery. Asterix is a good pizzeria too. Sandwich Club (near Lungomare) is not a bad place to eat something quickly. Fast food Reka is another legend here. Generation after generation, we were always eating there best burgers in town at low price. And then “suddenly” the global financial crisis arrived unexpectedly... Fish picnic is a lunch on board choise that you can opt for within some boat excursion offers.
Must try foods in Pula are ćevapi u lepinji (minced meat sticks with special red salsa in special bread), Istrian prosciutto and krempita (cremeschnitte - cream cake dessert). Šljivovica is a fruit brandy made from damson plums, Medica is a honey brandy, Biska is a brandy made of four types of herbs.
My preferred restaurants are Galeb and pizzeria Jupiter. Pizza Capriciosa average price: 40HRK (circa €5).
Just ask Google: 'Coffe bars in Pula', 'Restaurants in Pula', 'Pizza in Pula'.

Periphery of the city and small villages & places around is where you'll want to go in order to taste the authentic experience of widely known and highly popular Istrian agritourism & farm household. There where, away from rush and crowd, agriculture and tourism come together, visitors will get in touch with nature in a unique way while obtaining firsthand useful knowledge, contributing directly to the sustainable living through their involvement, interacting with animals, eating local dishes cooked in the traditional way... If this is what you would like to do for fun and entertainment, recreational horse riding and riding schools both for adults and kids are here (among numerous other ranch activities) to offer an exciting escape from routine.
Just ask Google: 'Agrotourism Pula', 'Farm household Pula', 'Horse riding Pula'.

If you're an adult but still a kid at heart, if you're shaking in fear because Stephen Hawking predicted our civilization will end quite soon or you're just bored - learning how to survive the wilderness and natural hazards could represent an attractive mind-expanding option for you. Survival School is here to help you discover your physical/mental limits and, of course, improve them as well. However it goes, most probably you'll return home different - I hope stronger rather than weaker.
Just ask Google: 'Extremesurvive Survival School Pula'.

Next one is another unforgettable experiences life has to offer. In case you gather enough courage to jump out of a plane, there's certainly no doubt that the freefall skydiving over Pula will remain forever in your memories. Although I have never tried it, I bet tandem parachute jump as a less frightening option doesn't diminish the excitement in the slightest.
Just ask Google: 'Skydiving Pula'.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Buggy Safari is a great off-road adventure in which you can explore localities and nature around Pula both by boosting the experience with adrenaline or enjoying the panorama while driving slowly. Since the terrain difficulty and obstacles varies depending on weather conditions, for your buggy drive be prepared for both dust and mud.
Just ask Google: 'Buggy Safari Pula'.

Described as "take a different ride", Puls Events kayaking & canoeing tour is a unique, very creative way to discover Pula coastal beauties arround Galeb’s Rocks. A part kayaking that this wonderful tour (adaptable to participants wishes) is mostly about, you can extend the fun by cliff jumping, swimming, snorkeling and sea cave exploring. Tour guide, kayak, life jacket vest, water or beer and high-resolution photos and videos of your excursion are included in the price. Definitely recommended!
Outdoor adventures in Istria is an offer made by AktivistSport that consist of similar fun and healthy activities you can enjoy both in a private way or together with other people.
Just ask Google: 'Puls Events kayaking tour Pula', 'AktivistSport Pula'.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

Summer holiday in Croatia: Welcome to Pula, three thousand year old town on the Adriatic coast that will certainly not disappoint any summertime visitor.

It was like in some sci-fi movie and it felt kinda weird last summer to see all those people moving all around Pula by standing on robotic vehicles called Segway. I have tried it once and I must admit that Segway is as fun as it looks. No matter is it a day or night, Segway is a very simple and interesting way you can entertain yourself and enrich your holidays in Pula.
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Even though windsurfing board and stand-up paddle board looks pretty much the same, on the other hand windsurfing is a water activity capable to make you explode with adrenaline - while SUP board is often use to relax with yoga. The popularity of standup paddleboarding has been soaring for a while now. Honestly speaking, I don't even remember when was the last time I saw the windsurfers cutting the sea surface here in Pula. On the contrary, paddle boarders are today a frequent scene at the Pula beaches.
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Ambrela beach is a nice place located cca 100 meters from the entrance to the Verudela peninsula. During the most visited cultural event in Croatia - Pula film festival, at Ambrela you can enjoy cinema on the beach, only a few meters from the sea. Film repertoire has an international character and movies are judged by the audience.
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Pulska Xica is a popular night race, for both beginners and experienced participants, that starts in front of the Arena amphitheater and finishes inside of it. This stunning 10 km route will take the runners to some unexpected places such as underground Zerostrasse tunnels.
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Visualia festival is the first and largest festival of light in Croatia. During the nights of Visualia festival, Pula is decorated, through the audiovisual art, with the magic lighting installations.
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Monte Paradiso music festival carries the Italian name of the Pula's quarter "Vidikovac". The first Monte Paradiso was held on 14 August 1992, and so far more than 200 bands from the entire planet played at the stage of this alternative music festival.
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It is quite likely that when you come to the Pula beaches, cool glass bottom boat will seize your attention. If you buy a ticket, it will take you to a slow trip to another dimension where you will enjoy observing a magical flora and fauna of the northern Adriatic sea. Your children will squeal in delight if you take them to a night time glass bottom boat tour with underwater lighting. And that's not all, there's something even better! I was very much surprised last summer when I saw a little red submarine passing near the Lungomare beach. I'm not sure about the costs of this spectacular experience, but the ride through gorgeous panorama inside a submarine must be breathtaking.
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The views on the Pula coast and beaches must be awesome when you're flying with a parachute high above the sea. No experience or skills are required, and you can do it together with your kids - regardless of their age. As far as I know, before they tied you to the speed boat, they make you wear a life jacket. Since they say it's safe and there's nothing to worry about, don't waste your time and add it to your wish list. Parasailing over Pula is a great opportunity if you want to live your life to the fullest.
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If you asking yourself where to start when it comes to diving, don't worry - there are plenty of choices where to dive in Pula and with whom. Diving centers in Pula offer various programs and activities that can suit everyone's needs - regardless of participants' age and their experience level. First time scuba diving is unforgettable in itself, not to mention that the underwater world around Pula is full of fascinating locations. Depending on luck divers can enjoy the company of many different fish and crabs species, dolphins, turtles, octpouses and seahorses...
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Certain areas of Pula are places dedicated to war games fans eager to shoot realistic. Since I'm sure they suffer the summer heat equally, whether they are winners or losers I bet paintball participants will be more than happy shooting each other under the deep shadow of forest trees. In case you're attracted by this recreational activity, when searching for opponents to eliminate - please forget the trend and remember I'm your friend :)
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  1. Just a few kilometers from the center of Pula, more precisely at the hill of St. Daniel near the Pula airport and Valtura penitentiary, there is Šandalja cave system. The caves were accidentally discovered in 1961 after the explosion in eponymous quarry. In Šandalja caves near Pula, once inhabited by Neanderthal man and early Homo sapiens, explorators have found the oldest paleontological remains in Croatia such as a stone artefact chopper, human bones, million-year-old fossil remains, (aurochs, rhinoceros, wild boar, deer...), human hands ornaments made from animal bones and pierced animal teeth.

  2. The name "Pula" derives from the ancient Greek term polis which translates as "city".

  3. When it comes to very center of the city, there's a song written in 1979 by genius Boško Obradović for Atomsko Sklonište: "Those who come after us"

    Those who come after us,
    They will have only
    Concrete landscapes,
    They will wear on their heads
    Green hats and caps,
    And from their eyes
    The flowers will going out.

    Those who come after us,
    They will only listen
    Tricks of plastic birds
    They will have a smile,
    But a smile on furnished faces.
    Those who come after us,
    They will have sterilized feelings
    No call.

    Those who come after us,
    They will also have their tv set even in a toilet,
    They will make friendships
    Through the home computer.
    Those who come after us,
    Instead of plum brandy
    They will spice the glasses of ether.

    "Shop the world without leaving your sofa", "meet the world without leaving your sofa" - does this sound familiar to you? Below, you can see a concert held in the very center of Pula. There are two ways you can figure out what the very center of Pula is, by asking your smartphone or by asking Pula's dinosaurs. The drastic difference between "Giardini" and "Korzo" is that one is just a word on the map, while the other one is a legend among everyone who still remember what "social" was before Facebook

  4. Self-service restaurant Markat (ex Sljeme) is a clean and comfortable place in the city center, right across green market, that I can highly recommend to all people on budget. Markat provides fresh, mostly Croatian food of good quality and taste that everyone can afford. This restaurant has been continuously operating (under different names) in Pula for more than a century, since the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

  5. The organic farmer's market Šijana in Pula is the first independent organic farmer's market in Croatia, formed in 2013 at the initiative of organizations "Istrian eco product" and "Solidal environmental group". The market is held every tuesday in late afternoon, on the I Istrian Brigade Square in Šijana city quarter. At the eco-social market in Pula people can buy, directly from farmers, natural GMO-free food and nutritional products. Ecologically grown fruits & vegetables and other products offered at Pula eco-social market comes not only from Istria but also from other parts of Croatia.

  6. We had dinner a couple of times in various restaurants and pizzerias. I can confirm that food is surprisingly good in Pula and eating out in this exciting city is not expensive at all. In our rock experience, Pula is definitely a vibrant Mediterranean town. Numerous independent and non-commercial events, lots of outdoor music...

  7. 5-minute walk from Lungomare (Veruda, Tomasinijeva street 27) there's Chill Bar & Food where you can eat perfect, low priced burgers, chips, sandwiches and other great food.

  8. I am visiting Pula every year and always find something new and exciting. City has long and rich history, even from before Antient time. But my favourite places are fortifications from newer history 100 - 200 years ago. Inside and outside Pula there are numerous of them and many are open for public. My favourite is Fort Bourghignon.

  9. I was in Pula last summer and I liked it a lot. I had mostly using tourist buses hop on - hop off, they were the easiest way to drive through the history of Pula and to get to the beach in same drive. They can pick you up from the beach at the end of the day and bring you back to the center of Pula. I find that easy and simple way to see and feel some of the beauties of this city.

  10. from_russia_with_loveJanuary 13, 2019 at 5:03 AM

    in our experience pula = cristal clean sea + great fun & entertainment with normal prices. the most cristal sea is definitely in premantura, kamenjak - park of nature. take a bicycle in premantura to explore the park...

  11. I live in Slovenia and I <3 open air concerts in great amphiteatre in Pula!!! The best ones are Sting, Elton John, Manu Chao, David Gilmour, Robert Plant, Grace Jones... actualy, all of them were unforgettable :-D I am very much looking forward to Foo Fighters this June.

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