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Sport tourism on the Adriatic Sea - Pula, a city with character

Croatia is a Mediterranean country whose beautiful coastline along the Adriatic Sea, including many islands, extends over 6.000 kilometers. In the northwestern part of Croatia lies its largest peninsula Istria, on whose far south, with its approximately 60.000 inhabitants, the city of Pula is situated.

On one hand, Pula is a city that is, with its specific character, active throughout the whole year.
The Americans have Hollywood, while once there was a time here when Istria was, not without reason, often called California. 35-40 years back when there were no computers yet but people communicated with one another through letters, it wasn't uncommon to encounter a pencilled "long live the postmen" instead of the postage stamp.
In its golden times, Pula was like a movie about happiness and joy in which the fantasy of life was really lived rather than recited. Good vibes and mass entertainment, as Pula in the 1980s is best decribed, were felt at every corner. In this sense, the discoteque Hotel Pula is certainly the greatest "craziness" that has ever infected these areas. Among the other major producers of light and sparks there were also disco Uljanik, Piramida, Circolo, Marelica, Ferijalni, Tvrđava and similar, plus of course the inevitable Lungomare with its countless unplugged parties and first loves. Pula gave birth to a lot of great music, within which the legendary Atomsko sklonište, KUD Idijoti, Messerschmitt, Gustafi, Franci Blašković and Boško Obradović are of the par excellence quality.
Peace and hospitality are the treasures of this town. The peculiarity of this shininess was perpetuated by Mate Parlov when, regarding the 1990s war in the former Yugoslavia and some of its accompanying side effects, he made crystal clear to everyone that he is not a nationalist but a world (plus Olympic and European) champion.

On the other hand, as a result of tourism the number of inhabitants of Pula doubles in the summer.
In accordance with the phrase "healthy spirit in a healthy body", Pula's summer tourism is quite rich with ambiences and facilities related to various sports activities. In all of this, obviously, nature itself - sun and sea and plenty of forest shade - is an ideal inspiration.
Walking and fishing occupy the first two places when it comes to sports activities. Furthermore, at several locations in Pula there are tennis courts, football pitches, basketball courts, golf courses, volleyball courts and similar. Cycling, running, swimming, diving, roller skating, go karting and parachuting are just a small part of the wide sports spectrum at everyone's disposal.
Here everyone knows the Holy Rock, and only 15-20 meters away from it there is a real jewel of Pula - that is the unique natural beauty situated at Verudela, popularly called the 'Canyon'. A wonderful place where ravine meets the sea is at the same time, infact, also a real test of courage whose height varies around 20 meters - depending on the difference between high and low tide water levels. But for young people from Veruda this was obviously not enough, and so in the '80s they had fixed, only for the bravest jumpers, a wooden board to the tree that grew just above the Canyon. Years later, other guys came with acrobatics that are really amazing:

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